Tuesday, 4 March 2014

1st Year Annivessary

I really have to admit that I am lazy to update my blog.
My D keep reminding me in updating it but I keep delaying it.
Finally, I am sitting at the study table and typing the new entry.
D is on-call at the hospital as part of their studies today until 9 p.m.
So, it means that I am alone at home now and waiting to pick him up later.

Time flies, me and my D have been together for more than one year now.
We agree to be together on 23 February 2013.
It seems like everything just happen yesterday.
I still can clearly remember my first date with D.
We agree to meet at one of the shopping mall near my university.
I used to drive my motorcycle to the shopping mall but I am asked by D to take a taxi that day.
I ask him the reason and he says it is dangerous for me to drive at night.
D is sweet and thoughtful. (Sure he is flying up to the sky when he saw this post) Haha
Then, we take away food from Pizzahut.
I tell D that I don't feel like eating there.
Long story short, we have dinner inside my hostel room.
Nothing happened. (Don't think dirty ya)

How I meet my D leh? 
No no no, the question should be how I know my D.
I have to start describing it back into year 2010 when I first start blogging.
D is a blogger as well and I used to read his blog from time to time.
I like the way D describes his day and what had happened throughout the day.
So, I email D one day to ask about the problem in setting the blog.
Now, D still think like that is an excuse for me to get his attention..(Haha)
D, I really have problem on it okay.

After that, I stop emailing D until I notice D is moving to here last year.
(D, I never stop reading your blog de horrrr.)
Then, we start emailing each other back.
It closes to CNY that time where I am enjoying my holiday at my home town.
So, I have lots of free time to chat to D through facebook, skype and even phone call at the end.
D refuses to meet me at first even after I am back to my university.
D said he is fed up in meeting with people.
Okay, long story short D still agree to meet me up at the end.

Sometimes, we really do not known what will happen at the end of a relationship. 
I always tell D that we are getting older and older which means that our responsibilities to become someone in the future becomes bigger and bigger.
However, things that we have to do in making good things happen is to trust each other and believe that we can be together until the end.
Be faithful as well, of course!

We were celebrating it at Dome last Saturday.
It is a nice dinner.
The food and the place is nice.
We exchange gifts and take photos together.
It is our second proper date after the first date last year. (haha)
I do enjoy the dinner very much.
Hmmmm, I think I will blog about the dinner on next post. (Hehe)
Its time to go and fetch my D now.

(I will save the three words tonight to you when we are going to bed, hehe)

With love,


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  1. chillax, you're not the only one absent from the blogsphere for some time, i am too, really glad to see the 2 of u still going steady, high 5 there