Tuesday, 4 March 2014

1st Year Annivessary

I really have to admit that I am lazy to update my blog.
My D keep reminding me in updating it but I keep delaying it.
Finally, I am sitting at the study table and typing the new entry.
D is on-call at the hospital as part of their studies today until 9 p.m.
So, it means that I am alone at home now and waiting to pick him up later.

Time flies, me and my D have been together for more than one year now.
We agree to be together on 23 February 2013.
It seems like everything just happen yesterday.
I still can clearly remember my first date with D.
We agree to meet at one of the shopping mall near my university.
I used to drive my motorcycle to the shopping mall but I am asked by D to take a taxi that day.
I ask him the reason and he says it is dangerous for me to drive at night.
D is sweet and thoughtful. (Sure he is flying up to the sky when he saw this post) Haha
Then, we take away food from Pizzahut.
I tell D that I don't feel like eating there.
Long story short, we have dinner inside my hostel room.
Nothing happened. (Don't think dirty ya)

How I meet my D leh? 
No no no, the question should be how I know my D.
I have to start describing it back into year 2010 when I first start blogging.
D is a blogger as well and I used to read his blog from time to time.
I like the way D describes his day and what had happened throughout the day.
So, I email D one day to ask about the problem in setting the blog.
Now, D still think like that is an excuse for me to get his attention..(Haha)
D, I really have problem on it okay.

After that, I stop emailing D until I notice D is moving to here last year.
(D, I never stop reading your blog de horrrr.)
Then, we start emailing each other back.
It closes to CNY that time where I am enjoying my holiday at my home town.
So, I have lots of free time to chat to D through facebook, skype and even phone call at the end.
D refuses to meet me at first even after I am back to my university.
D said he is fed up in meeting with people.
Okay, long story short D still agree to meet me up at the end.

Sometimes, we really do not known what will happen at the end of a relationship. 
I always tell D that we are getting older and older which means that our responsibilities to become someone in the future becomes bigger and bigger.
However, things that we have to do in making good things happen is to trust each other and believe that we can be together until the end.
Be faithful as well, of course!

We were celebrating it at Dome last Saturday.
It is a nice dinner.
The food and the place is nice.
We exchange gifts and take photos together.
It is our second proper date after the first date last year. (haha)
I do enjoy the dinner very much.
Hmmmm, I think I will blog about the dinner on next post. (Hehe)
Its time to go and fetch my D now.

(I will save the three words tonight to you when we are going to bed, hehe)

With love,


Monday, 13 January 2014


Okay, such a long time didn't update my blog again.
Busy as usual but able to go for a short holiday with my D last week.
We have bought the tickets as earlier as six months ago.
Basically, this entry gonna about my holiday and the pictures we took at there.
Weeeeeee! All are from the Canon 70D!
Hahaha, feel like promoting the camera.
Really glad that D suggests to buy that model with the lens.
I cannot remember the name of the lens but it is a very good lens to take photo especially portraits.
Here are some of the photos from the trip.
U guys will know the place where we go once u see the photos. Hahaha (Suspense)

Me and my D favorite restaurant there. We had brunch there for our first meal of the day.
Hahaha, we came out late from the hotel as our flight landed around 2.30 a.m. that day itself.
The restaurant is called as "Warung D'Sawah"
Nice view, nice food and fresh air. Really must try there again.

D's dishes. Grilled chicken dishes. Cannot remember the name of the dish lah.

My is a "dulang" set. It have most of the popular dishes there. (Chicken/fish/satay/side dishes)
Hahaha, I am so greedy.

 Okay, here we go. Jeng jeng jeng jeng. Its Bali, Indonesia. Hahaha.
Tanah Lot Temple

Flower inside one of the small ceramic pond there. 

Pura Taman Ayun near Mengwi

Pulina Agro Tourism near Tengalalang
They have the most well known coffee in the world which is "kopi Luwak"
Both of us try it. It tastes sour. We still like the original Bali coffee. Haha.

Sukawati Market
Both of us gone crazy when seeing there got so many drawings.

Sukawati Market
Typical t-shirt hahaha. I got one that written "I LOVE BALI"

Sukawati Market

Kintamani Volconic Lake

Kintamani Volconic Lake

Beratan Lake Temple

Beratan Lake Temple
Me and my D favorite place to visit. The weather is so nice and the view is so breathtaking.
The only place we really reluctant to leave.

Beratan Lake Temple

Beratan Lake Temple

Beratan Lake Temple
Off course beautiful flowers grow under beautiful weather and temperature.

Beratan Lake Temple

Uluwatu Ancient Temple
The sky is so blue and the sea water as well.

Uluwatu Ancient Temple

I am so happy to have a short trip with my D and I really like the place. Hahaha
Time to plan for the next trip. LOL
Its really good to reward and recharge yourself with a trip after a whole entire year hard works.


Wednesday, 30 October 2013


Hmmmm, again more than two months I didn't blog anything here.
Suddenly feel like me and my D slowly slowly become inseparable.
Life is so short, we have to appreciate on what we have now.
Especially those who love you and you love.
Do something to make yourself and people around you feel happy and meaningful everyday.
Just be yourself.
Just do it when you know that you will regret one day if you didn't do it.

Again, all these thoughts flooded my mind because of my uncle's death last week.
Okay, time to move on and back to reality. No time to be emotional. Haha

I keep reminding my D about our dream future and I even give it a name.
It is called "New Zealand Dream". Hahaha
Why New Zealand leh?

The main reason is New Zealand had just legalized gay marriage last few months, plus it is the nearest country to Malaysia. (Not near also, at least 10 hours flight!)
Whateverlah, both of feel that there is a possibility for us to get a job there.
As D is trying to get his rotation in New Zealand for 10 weeks and then try to get a housemanship there.
By the time D finishes his MBBS,, I would have finish my study.
Hope everything will go smoothly without much difficulties.
But we are preparing for the worst case as well.
I know no matter how as long as two people are working together for the same goal, everything will turn out right at last, right......

"Jia you + Fighting," (To myself, My D and everyone)
D, thank you for being with me 8 months 7 days although we just have a big fight last few day (Hope it is right ya, Oppsssss HAHA)


Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Dear horrrrrrr!

Such a longgggggggggggggggg time didn't update my blog liao.
Hahaha, hope you guys still remember the existence of this blog.

Don't worry, I am still alive :]
Almost 6 months with my D. (Super happy :))
Lots of things happened between me and my D
Sure got sweet and bitter one.

Okay, let me start with the bitter one first as Chinese always say “先苦后甜”. Hahaha
As usual, both of us are bitchy at certain particular matter which we keep fighting and quarreling at 
But keep hugging and kissing at the end (most of the time it just after a few minutes of silence)
(And most of the time, he will come and hug me first, hehe)
So drama horrrrr.
Yes,both of us are drama.

"Dear, if you are reading this post. Don't laugh or say no inside your heart hor.
It's true hor"

Hmmm, so far quarreling due to different opinions and bitchiness seems like the biggest problem between me and my D. hahaha
But, I would like to thank my dear that always ask me for an honest talk to clear all the mess out.
Those talks lead to the solutions of each problems that we faced.
Sometimes, we can just spend few hours in talking and chatting (face to face) like two bitches. hahaha
Sometimes, me even myself also beh tahan=cannot withstand anymore.
But we should continue practicing it as to overcome all the obstacles.

All the guys out there, no matter you're gay, straight, bi, or transgender, LISTEN!
(Suddenly, so serious de????)

"A relationship can only work when both persons are willing to talk and discuss honestly on every single problems and challenges faced in the relationship" 
(the line from my D)

I agreed, won't you?
Hahaha. Okok, too serious liao, that is just from my point of view.
Yeah, forget from my D's point of view as well.

Finally, reach the sweet parts!
Hmmmmm, I should be thankful that I have lots my sweet moments with my D.
Range from a little little thing like saying good morning every single morning (we always compete on who are going to say it first in the morning, hahaha so childish hor)
to a big big thing like driving all the way up to fetch me back.
Shopping, dinning, cooking, swimming, working and more and more.
Hope those last for forever ya. (crossing my fingers now)
Yeah, longing for the Bali trip on next year 2014!
(We book so early because the tickets from Malaysia Airlines are the cheapest among other airlines, hahaha)
I love you, dear. (okok, enough enough liao)


(Forget it just now, remember it once open the google browser :])

To all you guys, happy Chinese Valentine’s Day!


Sunday, 7 April 2013

Love Love Love

First time, I decide the title of the blogpost before I finish writting up the post. haha.
Busy with so many things.
Busy with research on my study and my boyfriend (Opps)

Don't know why I just love to cook for him.
So easy to feed him, he likes everthing that I prepare for him.
"Because I put in my love on it????" Wuahahahaha
(Sorry ya, a bit too much)

Feel so glad that I can meet him in my life.
Just want to pour all my love to him, don't care anymore.
Love and to be loved, only can feel it when you really start loving someone.
Love is not blind, love just make our llife more complete.

I saw a meteor again yesterday.
I also dont know why I always have the luck to notice the meteor since I am together with my boyfriend.
Good sign, can make more wishes then. Hahaha.
Make a wish again, hope me and D can be together forever.
(Note: D is the nick name I give to my boyfriend, it sounds nothing special but just love to call him as )
Forget to mention in prrevious blog.
Normally, I will call him D~~~ (wth longer tone) hahaha, know?know?
 (Ooi Ooi, enough is enough)

Repeating this song again and again when I am writting this post.
Although it is a super old song but just nice to listen to during a quite night.
 Title: Tonight I celebrate my love

Love you, D


Monday, 25 March 2013

Back to Normal

Huh???? Sound so wrong for the title. Hahaha
I means back to normal day of my life.
Studying, reading, writing and DATING.
Hahaha, that's becoming a normal routine for me now.

My D visited my hometown on last Saturday and he stay at my house as well.
Feel so happy and D said its like we are back to my home for holiday from Canada.
For your information, both of us are planning to move to Canada where gay marriage is recognized and protected under the law. Hopefully.
My mum kept telling me to treat D well when we reached home. She kept smiling at D as she didn't know what to say. Funny moment. Hahaha
(I think it is because my mum didn't know that D is my boyfriend)

D, sorry ya didn't realize that the air-con is too cold for you that night and cann't hug D. :(

I am so happy that I had my first trip with my D to KL last week although it is short and non official as we went there to settle some stuffs. Hehe.
D, I really enjoy the trip.

Thank you, my lovely D


Friday, 22 March 2013

First Time :)

Hmmmmmm........ Such a long time I didn't update my blog.
Sorry. Hahaha.
Waiting for the boyfriend to get his stuffs done and I am using his iPad to update my blog. Hehe.
This is my first time of using an iPad to update it. Hahaha.

Bedsides, this is also my first time come to my boyfriend's 'hometown' and have a look on it. Hahaha
So many first time with the boyfriend, below are the list:  LOL
My first boyfriend and last boyfriend. (Hopefully) hahahaha

(Good memories)
First kiss.
First hug.
Fist holding hands
First dating.
First cooking.
First shopping.
First driving together to visit each hometown.
First having the chance to see a meteor and make wishes. ( not easy hor to have seen the meteor just from the balcony of a apartment ) hahaha
First planning for OUR future.
First planning on how is ours first home gonna looked like.

(Bad memories but good lessons)
First being so worried for some one that I loved.
First crying for someone that I loved.
First having little fights with someone that I loved.
First having arguments with someone that I loved. ( because I am too stingy) hahaha
First experiencing car broke down at night.

Dear, hope there are endless of good first time with you in future
Sure there are bad things gonna happen in future, we can overcome all of them, sure we can dear.
I believe that we can.

Thank you, my dear.😘

Love from,